Rebecca Cowley (formerly Maguire)

Principal / Founder

As EFO's Founder, Rebecca leverages more than 20 years working for and managing UHNW SFOs. Having held multiple roles within family offices, she truly understands each department and role within the office. Rebecca acts as our client's first point of contact to assess their wants and needs while sharing her unique viewpoint on best practices for their Family Office.

Prior to founding EFO Advisory Services, Ms. Cowley started and ran a billion dollar SFO in Silicon Valley until shortly after the birth of her daughter. Rebecca chose to take a year off and developed the idea behind EFO. Throughout her career, she has worked with numerous family offices as well as associated service providers developing a keen skill set for the HNW and UHNW market. Rebecca credits her time with KPMG LLP early on in her career as the blueprint for a Family Office intranet providing a system with answers for employees and employers alike.

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from the University of San Diego. She currently lives in Marin with her daughter. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking and would love to get back into kiteboarding one day soon!

Rebecca Cowley